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Artist Statement

My paintings come from a strong Eastern European influence. I grew up in Romania, where music and art were solid foundations of my cultural upbringing. As a child, I was gifted in music, so my parents enrolled me in the music conservatory. Thus, at the age of 7, my career was chosen for me. Studying music in a Communist country was a very rigid and controlling experience. For most of my life, this was the path I took: performing concerts and teaching music. However, as I grew older, I came to realize that being a real artist is really about freedom of creativity. The preconditioned approach to learning music had not allowed me that gift.

Cristina Marcu, Northern California contemporary artistAt a time when I had been very driven in my piano practice, I felt a deep impulse to do something else. I noticed my tulip garden and suddenly had the urge to paint it. I had never painted before but I was drawn to the colors and forms, and I simply had to try. As I continued experimenting with color and form, my desire to paint became so strong that I ultimately cut back my teaching and performing career to follow my heart. With painting, I have chosen my own path of freedom..

My authentic inner-experience is spontaneously channeled onto the canvas where space, color and
feelings have no boundaries. As a musician and painter I express with color what I hear in my
heart. I work with various technics and patterns to create a feeling that allows color to define

My concern is not the precision of the subject I see; It is painting the feeling of what I see. The essence of each painting is the connection between the subject matter and me. When I step inside the space I am creating on canvas, I want the viewer to go there with me - to experience the openness of the moment. Expressing the truth of the present moment is what drives me to paint.

As I paint, the colors, shapes and forms evolving on the canvas allow me to reach back towards my experiences as a child traveling from behind the Iron Curtain, to New York, and then eventually on to California. Digging deep into a vast pool of feelings, I reach out and express on canvas the paradox between reality and dream, embracing the ethereal and the mystery of the unknown.

To this expression, I continuously dedicate my time as an artist. Painting offers a passion to heal the inner soul and connect stronger with my true Self.



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