California contemporary artist Cristina Marcu blends impressionist and expressionist styles with strong European influences - go back to home page

The Russia Series

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“I accompanied California artist Jove Wang on a two week painting excursion to Estonia and Russia in the fall of 2003. Cities included Tallin and Russia’s St. Petersburg and Moscow. In addition to wonderful plein air opportunities, seeing original works of prestigious artists, including Repin, Feshin, Serov, Levitan was a sensory opportunity of a life time. Their paintings revealed so much of Russia as a country, their people and daily lives. Coming home with substantial memories of the art and picturesque landscapes, I was very inspired to begin painting. With these fortunate feelings I painted my Russia Series. These paintings of cities and architecture, country landscapes are themes creating a feeling of what I saw and experienced at that moment of being there in the midst of it all.”

Cristina Marcu