Cristina Marcu - Los Angeles contemporary artist

“With every new painting, it is the initial moment that I find the most exciting. As the first brush strokes touch the page I know I will be led down a path of self-discovery through color, shape and form. I let that first moment pour over me as I find myself submerged in the present moment where the pure joy of sweeping color across the canvas becomes the essence of my being.”

Cristina Marcu

Member of Sausalito Art Galleries

Cristina Marcu shown with two of her current works: Meditation Walk #3 and Looking Straight OutA Romance With Color

Cristina Marcu is a Northern California contemporary artist blending impressionist and expressionist styles. Her brightly colored works are inspired by the Russian and Romanian folk art that surrounded her as a child in her native country of Romania. Cristina was born in Communist Moldovia, Romania in the politically charged 1960’s.

Fluent in various mediums Cristina Marcu utilizes oil, watercolor and acrylic to paint diverse subject matter, with her focus primarily on landscapes, seascapes and still life.
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Space, Color and Feelings Have No Boundaries

Growing up in Romania, music and art were solid foundations of my cultural upbringing and my paintings draw from this strong Eastern European influence.

As a musician and painter I express with color what I hear in my heart. By manipulating formal devices such as thick and thin paint, line and edge, distortion and rhythmic patterns, I create a feeling that allows color to define form.
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